New BrotherSisters CD on the way

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The debut CD by The BrotherSisters, “You Can’t Be Lost,” will be out soon. Here is the cover, designed by Michelle Kelly. Stay Tuned. We will be having a CD release party at Third Eye Cabaret at The Cellar in downtown Charleston, W.Va.

Hear yourself on a CD: Cheering suggested

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HEADS UP: Want to hear the sound of your voice on a band’s CD? At tonight’s Third Eye Cabaret at The Cellar, 8 Capitol St., in downtown Charleston, W.Va., The BrotherSisters will be recording live performance tracks of the songs “Love Is the Water” and “”Wave of Love” for inclusion on our forthcoming CD, “The Mountains of Instead,” engineered by Bob Webb.  We need cheering audience voices to, well, cheer us on as Steve Clever Siders (a.k.a. The Man) records us live to H4 Zoom.  For more on the Cabaret, ‘like’ our Facebook page at:

The BrotherSisters perform at Bluegrass Kitchen Sat., Dec. 8

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Come on out to the Tap Room, the cool little bar/performance space off the main dining room of The Bluegrass Kitchen, 1600 Washington Street East, Charleston, W.Va., as The Brother Sisters return there for a show from 7 to 9 p.m. this Saturday, Dec. 8. We hope to have a few new songs and covers ready for listeners by then, and we are moving — striding, we hope — forcefully toward the release of the band’s first CD. Stay tuned, drop by. You can also see us every Thursday at Third Eye Cabaret, from 7 to 10 p.m. at The Cellar, where we’re the house band of this lively music, spoken word and ‘video joint.’ For more the cabaret, check out and ‘like’ this page:

Above is some footage for the CabaretCam and a segment of song by The BrotherSisters, Albert Perrone’s wonderful song, “This Man Won’t Stand Down.”

The BrotherSisters Sing for the W.Va. Institute for Spirituality

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The BrotherSisters | photo by Kuyler McComas


WHAT: Benefit fundraiser for the W.Va. Institute for Spirituality featuring The BrotherSisters.
WHEN: 7 to 8:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 30.
WHERE: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1600 Kanawha Blvd., Charleston, W.Va. (Next door to the Institute, right off Kanawha Blvd.)
COST: $5 suggested donation at the door. Additional donations for the good work of the center welcome.

I forget how I first came to know Sister Mary Pellicane, a resident nun at the W.Va. Institute for Spirituality in Charleston, W.Va. But once you know her, you cannot forget her. She recently turned 90 years old and is as spritely, feisty, opinionated and chatty as ever. Thank goodness. She represents all that is good about a happy spiritual life, grounded in the world. So, it was that I brought my guitar over one day to play her some music. We got around to talking about how the W.Va. Institute of Spirituality, where she lives, is like many a spiritual institution — always in need of additional operating funds. I idly suggested the idea of a fundraising concert. She wouldn’t let me forget. That was maybe two years ago. She didn’t let me forget. I finally stood good on my offer. And so our folk trio, The BrotherSisters, will do a benefit for the center 7 p.m. this Friday at the church next door (where there is more room for a show). The Institute’s homepage describes its mission this way:

The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality is dedicated to providing space and opportunities for deepening mindfulness, prayer practice, interior peace, and for integrating moral and ethical values.

I have several friends whose lives have been enriched, strengthened and reinvigorated by the work of the center. The concert is a small token of appreciation for what my Buddhist meditation teacher describes as the utmost significance of having such “spiritual friends” in one’s life. (more…)

Be There When the Third Eye Opens

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WHAT: The ‘soft launch’ of Third Eye Cabaret, a Video Joint. The live performance venue of
7 to 11 p.m. each THURSDAY, starting Oct. 25, 2012, in West Virginia’s capital city.
The CELLAR, 8 Capitol St., Charleston, W.Va.
WHY: A performance cabaret featuring performing songwriters, spoken word, original video, live interviews and whatever we think up next.
Featuring a rotating cast of performers and hosts. Performers for Oct. 25 include Casey Litz, The BrotherSisters, Talented, Pinkie Promise and … well, we’re still growing the guest list. You may even be on it.
Free (for now)
Video cameras will be rolling and excerpts from the evening flung onto the web and into the social media vortex.

+ + + + +
Plus, we’ll be getting around to doing live video interviews and studio audience taping of episodes and programs by Coming soon to a screen near you.
We need to get a decent video screen mocked up. It might be a nice sheet.
Suggestions? Contact us.

SHOW | The BrotherSisters at Taylor Books Friday, Sept. 28

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Pass it on.

The BrotherSisters (from left, Douglas Imbrogno, Marylin McKeown and Albert Perrone) bring their signature, high-powered, triple-harmonic, nuevo folk and folk-rock sounds to Taylor Books, 226 Capitol St., Charleston, W.Va., in a free show from 7 to 9 p.m., FRIDAY, SEPT. 28, 20012. With special guest sisters and brothers to be announced.

The BrotherSisters are in the stadium. Or the Bluegrass bar, rather

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Blugrass Kitchen, Charleston, W.Va. | July 2012

I have wanted to perform in this space every since I saw Marium Bria tear it up one night some months ago, before she exited South to wrestle alligators or something and was heard from nary again. (Facebook whispers that she’s back in town — huzzah). This is the small stage in the window of the Bluegrass Kitchen bar, in a narrow room beside the main restaurant. The BrotherSisters did their thing this past Saturday. We stripped down and just bought a single amp, to pump up Cody — Cody is Albert’s hepped-up classical guitar. He’s really cool, Cody. (Albert’s cool, too).

Note to Self & Other Musicians: I would bring a small sound system were we to play this small room again, . When it was full of 35 or so people, you had to get in touch your Inner Opera Singer and bounce your voice off the back wall. It was actually a good workout. But afterward –  over meatball pasta for Al and a veggie burger on a Frutcake brioche for me (Marylin had exited for a further night on the town), we agreed that two hours of belting is a whole lot of belting. They seemed to like us, those who showed up. The BrotherSisters are in the stadium … | douglas

A BrotherSisters sampler in advance of Saturday show at Bluegrass Kitchen

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The BrotherSisters perform 7 to 9 p.m. this Saturday (July 28) at Bluegrass Kitchen in Charleston, W.Va.. Here’s are excerpts from our forthcoming debut CD, which I was busy mixing with Brother Bob Webb, while in Oregon last week. Come out Saturday!

AUDIO: ‘This Man Won’t Stand Down’

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AUDIO: ‘This Man Won’t Stand Down’

“This Man Won’t Stand Down” is fresh from the studio oven. This is one of my personal favorite Albert Perrone tunes. Click ‘More’ for lyrics and details. (more…)

AUDIO: ‘Long Black Veil’ by The BrotherSisters

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AUDIO: ‘Long Black Veil’ by The BrotherSisters

“Long Black Veil” has to be one of the saddest songs ever written. But audiences love it, perhaps not for its tale of self-doom through adultery and haunted true-love — always a popular topic — but because of the wailing chorus. (more…)